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Designed to guide you through a revolutionary approach to addiction recovery, that works for all forms of addiction, from heroin to nicotine, cocaine to sugar, and alcohol to porn.

Each part of the series is a beacon of hope and inspiration. Discover profound insights, real-life stories, and actionable steps that promise to transform your journey. Dive into Part One, Part Two, and Part Three now, with the eagerly awaited Part 4 launching later this year.

Join the movement toward true liberation, and embark on the path to a life filled with purpose, joy, and complete freedom from addiction.

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Meet the Author and Founder

Get To Know Rebekah,

Rebekah, affectionately known as Beks, is the visionary author behind True Freedom. Her approach, rooted in scriptural revelation, vast research, and personal experience, guides others through addiction recovery with relatable understanding and genuine empathy.

Rebekah is a dedicated advocate against deception, particularly in the realms of discrimination and misconceptions surrounding life, people, God, and the Church. 

Bekah loves many things, from sung worship to cross-fit, from her cat Kiki to travelling and socialising, from problem-solving to writing, but nothing is as exhilarating to her as seeing lives transformed.

Rebekah is a dedicated…

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Enjoy this feedback and recommendations from relevant authors, leaders, and people of influence.

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The Inspiration Behind True Freedom Recovery.

It is a path to freedom that comes from knowing the truth and it is freedom that is true – complete and full.

Welcome To True Freedom

A Revolutionary Approach To Addiction Recovery

A revolutionary recovery model blending cutting-edge research with profound insights, offering a genuine path to complete and full freedom.

Our interactive books, the cornerstone of support, are adaptable for group settings or individual journeys, making recovery accessible anywhere – from rehab centers to coffee shops or your living room. 

Real Reviews

Here’s the amazing feedback from clients. Check out the awesome things they have to say!

This book will truly set you free!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

‘It’s just mind-blowing how you don’t see it in the madness of living it, but True Freedom gives the light-bulb moment that sets you free.’

Lowri Marshall (now using the True Freedom material to lead addicts to the freedom I found)

This has helped me.

Rated 5.0 out of 5

“This teaching helped me find true freedom from my addictions of alcohol and drugs of seventeen years. I tried other rehabs, counselling and recovery groups, and none of these worked for me. I am now actually living a life free from addiction, part of a local church community, marriage restored, running a Hope Centre and enjoying life free from addiction.”

Nicola Moseley (now employed in addiction recovery, using True Freedom material)

Wow, I am truly amazed!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

“When I picked up the workbook it blew me away – I thought it was aimed at me. This book will bring hope to others who are in despair.”

Charlotte Carodine

Spoken Testimonials

Real Voices, Real Triumphs! Take a listen to some inspiring journeys to True Freedom!

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Please enjoy some teaching and speaking by Rebekah Thomas, some of which relates specifically to addiction and some of which relates to general discipleship and life recovery. 

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