True Freedom Part Three: A Revolutionary Approach to Addiction Recovery


Part Three contains three Milestones on the True Freedom journey that inspire and equip the reader continue their journey in the way that’s best for each individual.

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Part Three is very practical as it takes the truth discovered in Part One and Part Two and becomes more reciprocal, allowing the reader to act on what they’ve learnt, while revealing more life-changing truth and perspective. 
In Part Three you’ll learn what holiness is and why it matters and why our unholiness matters, and then how to apply that towards true repentance which draws a line between the past and the present, allowing you to move into your future afresh. You’ll also learn what forgiveness really is, the difference it makes, how to do it, and how to receive it. Finally, you’ll learn about something called “restitution”, which involves putting things right in healthy, wise, and effective ways. Part Three is an opportunity to turn some things around for good in powerful ways.


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