True Freedom Part Two: A Revolutionary Approach to Addiction Recovery


Part Two of True Freedom leads you further along the in the map to your destination, continuing to defeat deception whilst going deeper and investigating other forces at work in both addiction and freedom.

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Part Two takes the reader through four Milestones as the journey continues, building upon Part One and preparing the reader for Part Three.  
Through Part Two you’ll learn the Bible story in a thorough and yet succinct way that takes more complex truths and explains them in simple ways that anyone can relate to, and you’ll learn how this relates to addiction. You’ll discover new ways of seeing process, as well as finding out some reasons why some people seem to have miraculous overnight freedom while other people’s recovery takes time. You’ll also learn the difference between conforming and transforming, as well as why it matters and how to see true transformation, meanwhile going deeper into breaking the vicious cycle of quitting and restarting over and over. Finally, you’ll discover some key elements of your true identity, without which true freedom from anything is incredibly hard, if possible at all. 


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